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“Thanks for an excellent event. It exceeded our expectations and really impressed our team. The video was so engaging, entertaining and effective, everyine loved it”
Harry Bolton, MSC Ltd.

Video Production

Our team of video production professionals can provide you with a complete in-house video production service, for your event or conference, from concept through to completion.

At Not Just Events, we understand that event videos are as diverse as the occasions they capture, so we work closely with you at every stage to ensure that you get the video that you want to produce the results that you need.

Event Videos

An event video from Not Just Events will video capture the essence of your message while encapsulating the spirit of an occasion. It encourages camaraderie amongst those who were there, as well as inspiring interest in those who weren’t, the perfect advert for your next event. Event videos are the absolute best way to make sure your one-off occasions have a lasting impact, focus and give great value. We will produce videos for and of product launches, awards ceremonies, birthday parties, fundraisers and more.

Doodle/infographic Videos

We are skilled and experience in the art of creating doodle, Infographic and animation videos. Graphical Facilitation videos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise given that they’re such an effective way to present facts and statistics in an engaging and memorable way. We utilise the full range of whiteboard doodle videos, stop motion, animation and multi-media to produce engaging videos that grab the viewr from the first second, hold them till the end and stick in the mind for a long time. This ensures your message is received, understood and retained.

Confernece Videos

Whether you are looking to promote the event as a whole, distribute keynote content or in some other way make use of the unique gathering of experts at your event, we have the solutions to ensure you get the video that does the job you need. An engaging and informative video of your conference dramatically increases the reach of your event and maximises its return on investment.

We have over 25 years experience

Event concept development

Inspired parties from an inspirational team; Complete luxury party planners with in-house event design Illustrations, sketches and floor plans, detailed texture, colour and design mood boards, floral and tabletop design, marquee lighting design, co-ordination and technical planning, sound design drapery, upholstery and linens to match our designs. Food, drink, staff and entertainment...

We design and style parties that inspire and envelope and design experiences that are unforgettable


We are much more than a event planners. We plan breath-taking private events and inspiring worlds for you and your guests. We couple creativity with vision, backed with exceptional technical production capacity and capability. We’ll take the stress out of planning your bespoke event, by working with you. It couldn't be easier.


Not Just Events are experts when it comes to transforming a space and elevating a brand; we’ll create an exceptional experience where guests can truly engage in a theme, engage and connect to truly bring your brand to life. Whether it's a private party, wedding or corporate event we'll ensure your guests are blown away.


Not Just Events are experts are creating jaw-dropping events and brand experiences. Whether you're looking for us to create a corporate party, product launch or summer festival we will apply our unique creative approach and professional team to deliver not just an event but an experience to be remembered.


We have over 25 years experience on creating creative and compelling parties for both private and corporate clients. So whether it's a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzva, garden party, virthday party or Big Brand corporate event we have the creativity, experince and team to deliver not just an event but a party never to forget.

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